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Monthly Tip Library

Bee Cyber Fit in June: Lap, drink, and sunglasses with beach in backgrounf

June Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Secure travel tips for business and pleasure

June 2024

Prepared to protect yourself from cyber threats while on the go? Know how to protect both Yale’s and your devices when away? Strengthen your cyber defenses with our secure travel tips.

Bee Cyber Fit in May: Smartphone, laptop, and keyboard connected by paper clips with a padlock

May Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Device security is your digital safety net

May 2024

Device security isn't just a tech thing; it's your personal shield against a world of cyber threats, both at home and at work. Find out the three easy things you can do to become a device security pro!

Bee Cyber Fit in April: Woman holding laptop looking confused with hand on head

April Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: AI, social engineering, and you

April 2024

Social engineering uses tactics like fear to manipulate people into sharing confidential information. Artificial Intelligence (AI) elevates social engineering risks. Discover some of the most common tactics and tips to help keep you safe online.

Bee Cyber Fit in March: Man looking at computer screen of virtual meeting

March Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: You can’t always trust what you see

March 2024

Did you know that both new cyber tactics and old tricks are being used against us? Boost your cyber know-how to guard against deepfakes and fake login screens.

Bee Cyber Fit in February: Ripped paper heart stapled together on a keyboard

February Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Spot romance scams & safeguard your heart

February 2024

Did you know social engineering goes beyond email and into common dating apps and romance scams, too? Build your cyber sleuthing skills this Valentine's season and use Recognize, Relax, and Rethink to outwit romance scammers.

Bee Cyber Fit in January: Keyboard and coffee cup next to a notepad with text "Building Better Habits"

January Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: New year and new easy-to-build cyber habits

January 2024

Make 2024 the year you build cyber-safe habits and stick to them! Find out about our 21-day cyber habit challenge starting in February.

Bee Cyber Fit in December: A platter of seasonal fudge

December Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Holiday FUDGE isn't just to satisfy your sweet tooth

December 2023

Our Cybersecurity Awareness FUDGE model can sweeten the holidays and help you identify dangerous red flags.

Bee Cyber Fit in November: Small wrapped gifts on laptop

November Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Five tips for safe buying online

November 2023

Boost holiday cheer and beat shopping fear! This holiday season, build your cyber know-how to outsmart online thieves.

Bee Cyber Fit in October: Man on laptop overlaid with text "Bee a Yale Cyber Hero"

October Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Four tips to Bee a Yale Cyber Hero in October

October 2023

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and we invite you to join us for a month of interactive events and fun activities to defend Yale's resources and defeat online thieves.

Bee Cyber Fit in September Hero: Woman in lotus pose with laptop

September Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Be mindful to be cybersafe

September 2023

Recently, Yale has seen an uptick in suspicious messages. By exercising mindful behavior, we can click with caution and stay ahead of cybercriminals!

Bee Cyber Fit in August: Backpack with school supplied and tablet

August Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Back-to-school security refreshers

August 2023

Summer is great for relaxing our minds and bodies, but not our cybersecurity muscles! With the new academic year upon us, it’s a good time to refresh our security practices.

Bee Cyber Fit in July: Man looking at laptop with hands on forehead

July Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Report, don’t respond to unexpected urgent emails

July 2023

Be aware of the new ways cybercriminals use social engineering to trick you into providing access to your account.

Bee Cyber Fit in June: Man sitting on beach with laptop

June Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: 3 Ways to Protect Yale Data This Summer

June 2023

Did you know that 82% of data loss resulted from human error? By safeguarding the data we work with we support the University’s mission.

Bee Cyber Fit in May: Woman next to computer screen with hand on forehead

May Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Report suspicious cyber activity, no matter what!

May 2023

“It’s probably nothing.” “I’m just being paranoid.” “I’m sure someone else will report this issue so I won’t bother.” What prevents us from reporting something that seems awry?

Bee Cyber Fit in April: Woman looking nervously with hands over mouth

April Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Bee SAFE, Not Sorry

April 2023

Did you know Yale may have a time limit to report security incidents? And the clock starts ticking when you notice something off. It's important we report suspicious cyber activity, right away! It's always better to Bee SAFE, Not Sorry.

Bee Cyber Fit in March: Woman sitting at desk looking at laptop

March Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Protect your identity during tax season

March 2023

This tax season, be alert to unsolicited emails, phone calls, or text messages claiming to be from the IRS. Cybercriminals are seeking personal information to use against you.

Woman looking suspiciously at phone

February Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Steer clear of gift card scams and messages impersonating Yale officials

February 2023

Would you be suspicious if you received an email from your manager asking you to buy gift cards? If it’s not part of your normal responsibilities, you should be! There have been multiple cases of cybercriminals masquerading as members of the Yale community.

Bee Cyber Fit in January hero: Smartphone with padlock icon and Bee Cyber Fit bee

January Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Be empowered to protect your online privacy

January 2023

While it's true we cannot control how each byte of our data is processed and shared, we’re not helpless! Data Privacy Week (January 22-28) helps empower us to protect our privacy online by offering helpful resources and spreading awareness.

Gift card and tablet with Bee Cyber Fit bee

December Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Gift cards are for giving, not stealing your money

December 2022

Gift cards are a great way to ensure everyone gets that special something they're looking for. But there are risks. Be aware this holiday season and steer clear of these three trending scams

Bee Cyber Fit in November: Someone holding a credit card looking at smartphone and laptop

November Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Shop scam-free this holiday season

November 2022

More buying means more opportunities for cybercriminals to steal your holiday joy. Stay alert and don’t fall victim to their costly scams. Read November's tip to find out more!

Bee Cyber Fit in October: Laptop next to jack-o-lantern

October Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Don't get drained by virtual vampires

October 2022

It’s going to take more than garlic and holy water to protect your and Yale’s data and systems. Find out how to stay safe online this Halloween!

Bee Cyber Fit in September: Person holding smartphone browsing the FEMA website

September Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Avoid disaster and charity scams

September 2022

Hurricane season may bring damaging floods, downed trees, and other fallouts. And the aftermath brings cybercriminals. When preparing your home for severe weather, think about preparing your cyber muscles, too!

Bee Cyber Fit in August: Laptop next to school supplies

August Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Avoid back-to-school scams

August 2022

As we gear up for back to school, don’t let excitement or anxiety override your cyber know-how. Read on for tips to stay safe this back-to-school season.

Bee Cyber Fit in July: Woman with suitcase holding smartphone

July Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Summer Travel Tips

July 2022

Vacations are great opportunities to relax, reconnect, or explore new locales and experiences. However, scammers still look for ways to try and steal our information. Don’t forget to include cyber safety in your plans.

Bee Cyber Fit in June: Smartphone on laptop keyboard

June Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Summer's heating up—and so is smishing!

June 2022

Have you ever received a text message from an unrecognized number? Is it asking you to click a link or provide your personal information? If so, think twice; it may be a smishing scam!

Bee Cyber Fit in May: Laoptop next to house cleaning supplies

May Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Make Secure Passwords Part of Your Spring Cleaning

May 2022

This year World Password Day falls on May 5. The best way to celebrate is by updating your passwords. Also, consider setting up multi-factor authentication (MFA) and using a password manager.

Bee Cyber Fit in April: Computer screen and calendar block showing April 01

April Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Don't Be Fooled by Cybercriminals

April 2022

Do you know that cybercrime is expected to cost the world $10.5 Trillion annually by 2025? Hackers, bad actors, and online thieves are pros at talking us out of our money and data. Don’t get fooled by their cunning tricks!

Bee Cyber Fit in March: Laptop with green leprechaun hat

March Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Don't let cybercriminals steal your pot of gold

March 2022

Saint Patrick's Day may have you feeling extra lucky this month. However, luck should not play a part in your online security plan, both at home and at Yale. Remember, cybercriminals take advantage of any and all holidays.