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Interlocking Y's

Identity Lifecycles

Who is Eligible for a NetID?

Every individual associated with Yale receives a NetID. It is a digital identifier used for logging onto University systems. A NetID is not changed under normal circumstances and remains a unique identifier for that individual even after they have left the University. If an individual returns to Yale in any capacity, they will use that same NetID.



NetIDs are created for anyone who enrolls at Yale University as an undergraduate, graduate, or summer session student. Their account will remain the same through the entire duration of their time at Yale. This is true for student employees, undergraduates who get graduate degrees, and even those who are hired by Yale after graduation.

View the NetID lifecycle for students

Staff and Faculty

NetIDs are created for individuals directly hired by Yale in any capacity.  This includes any full-time or part-time employees of the Colleges, the museums, Central Campus, and Yale New Haven Health. Employee identities are managed by Workday.

View the NetID lifecycle for staff and faculty

Sponsored Identities

NetIDs are made for individuals with valid business reasons to have University access. They also do not fit the categories of Students, Alumni, Faculty, or Staff. These are most often vendors, contractors, and visiting researchers. Being a Sponsored Identity grants an individual access to Yale resources as needed. This can involve physical access, electronic access, or both.

View the NetID lifecycle for Sponsored Identities