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Streamlining the Minimum Security Standards

On March 15, the Information Security Office (ISO) will publish a reorganized version of Yale's Minimum Security Standards (MSS). The purpose of this reorganization is to improve comprehension and reduce redundancy. The requirements in the MSS have not changed.

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March Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Protect your identity during tax season

This tax season, be alert to unsolicited emails, phone calls, or text messages claiming to be from the IRS. Cybercriminals are seeking personal information to use against you.

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February Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Steer clear of gift card scams and messages impersonating Yale officials

Would you be suspicious if you received an email from your manager asking you to buy gift cards? If it’s not part of your normal responsibilities, you should be! There have been multiple cases of cybercriminals masquerading as members of the Yale community.

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Immediately Report Suspected Security Incidents

As soon as you notice something is amiss, the clock starts ticking! Immediately report any suspected security incidents to the Information Security Office, especially if you work with HIPAA-covered data.

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Increase in Phishing Messages to the Yale Community

There's been a recent increase in phishing activity at Yale via email and text messages. Don't be fooled and always click with caution!


Security Vulnerability for Apple Devices

Immediate action required: Please run all available updates on all Apple devices as soon as possible. All Yale ITS-managed computers running the Apple macOS operating system will be updated automatically.


Cybersecurity Awareness Program launch - hear it straight from the CISO!

As you may be aware, cybersecurity risk is increasing worldwide at a rapid pace and posing a growing threat to the work we do at Yale. All of us have a role to play in making a significant difference in Yale’s cybersecurity.