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Managing Access Permissions

Your NetID controls your access to Yale's online resources. Your ID Card controls your physical access to buildings around campus. There are many actions you can take to manage your access to Yale's campus and online resources. This page explains what to do and when to ask your IT Support Provider for help managing your access to Yale.

If you are unable to gain access to Yale Resources

Contact your IT support provider if you are unable to gain access to a physical location or online system using your NetID or ID Card. They are trained to diagnose permission issues and direct you to the appropriate area for resolution.  If you do not have a local IT support provider, contact the ITS Help Desk.

Managing your NetID

  • Activate a new NetID - If you received a new NetID, you also received instructions to activate your NetID. If you are a student, contact the Student Technology Collaborative. Anyone else can contact your supervisor if you need help activating your NetID.
  • Recover your NetID - If you have forgotten your NetID password, use self-service password reset to choose a new one.  
  • Unlock your NetID - Your NetID will lock if it is phished or compromised.  Contact your local IT support provider or the ITS Help Desk to recover your access.

Managing access for others

There are many processes for managing access permissions. Contact your  IT support provider for help administering access permissions for others.   

Looking to streamline and improve security? Ask your IT support provider about group-based access control. This type of access control has many advantages:

  • Add or remove a user once from the group to affect access changes across many systems using an intuitive application interface.
  • Automatic addition and removal of typical permissions based on change in Workday, Banner, or Sponsored Identity status.
  • Customized self-service management of exceptional cases.
  • Fine-grained security for who can grant, remove, or review access.
  • Full audit for all access changes.
  • Ability to inquire against and restore access as of a past date.