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Stay Safe

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Outsmart the Internet

We rely on technology and the internet for almost everything. More and more, the line between our work life and personal life seems blurred.

The more time we are online, the more likely we risk bad actors getting hold of our private information. But there are simple steps we can take to protect our information and outsmart the Internet.

We're here to help you stay safe so you can do what you do best—pursue your research, teach or study.

Know Your RiskKnow Your Risk Icon

How do you know if you work securely? Knowing the risk of the data and IT Systems you use is the first step.

Click with CautionClick with Caution icon

How do you know if an email is legit or a scam? Learn to be suspicious and how to spot scams.

Apply UpdatesApply Updates Icon

Ever delay installing an update on your laptop or mobile device? Most of us have. Install regular updates to keep your systems safe.

Use Secure PasswordsUse Secure Passwords Icon

Ever use the same password for many applications? This can put your information at risk. Learn how to create strong passwords and use MFA to protect what belongs to you.

How-to Guides

Our guides help you make sense of a variety of Information Security topics.

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