How does Yale Classify Technology? 

Everyone with access to Yale technology plays a role in protecting it. Yale protects its technology based on the cyber risk classification. The Information Security, Policy and Compliance team has developed a guideline for determining the cyber risk classification of technology and the associated roles and responsibilities. Click here to determine your role in classifying Yale technology and to provide feedback on how to improve this guideline. 

This section provides links to University Information Security Policies. 

This section provides contact information for members of our team. For general security questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at or call 203-432-9000. 

If you believe your data has been lost or compromised, please contact

To report a malicious e-mail message (phish), forward the message to

To report a HIPAA Privacy Concern, fill out the paper form or online form. This will be submitted to the HIPAA Privacy Office.