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June Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Summer's heating up—and so is smishing!

Have you ever received a text message from an unrecognized number? Is it asking you to click a link or provide your personal information? If so, think twice; it may be a smishing scam!

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Increase in Phishing Messages to the Yale Community

There's been a recent increase in phishing activity at Yale via email and text messages. Don't be fooled and always click with caution!

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May Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Make Secure Passwords Part of Your Spring Cleaning

This year World Password Day falls on May 5. The best way to celebrate is updating your passwords. Also consider setting up multi-factor authentication (MFA) and using a password manager.

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April Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Don't Be Fooled by Cybercriminals

Do you know that cybercrime is expected to cost the world $10.5 Trillion annually by 2025? Hackers, bad actors, and online thieves are pros at talking us out of our money and data. Don’t get fooled by their cunning tricks!

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March Cybersecurity Awareness Tip: Don't let cybercriminals steal your pot of gold

Saint Patrick's Day may have you feeling extra lucky this month. However, luck should not play a part in your online security plan, both at home and at Yale. Remember, cybercriminals take advantage of any and all holidays.

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Be Aware: Increase in COVID-19 Phishing Attempts in Higher Education Institutions

A recent cybersecurity report indicates that hackers are targeting US educational institutions with COVID-19 schemes. This includes both the Delta and recent Omicron variants. Specifically, hackers use phishing emails with malicious links to access university credentials.  Please be aware and click on links with caution.


Security Vulnerability for Apple Devices

Immediate action required: Please run all available updates on all Apple devices as soon as possible. All Yale ITS-managed computers running the Apple macOS operating system will be updated automatically.