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S2 E4 | Bee SAFE, Not Sorry: Hear it from the CISO Jeremy Rosenberg


Do you know that everyone at Yale University has a role to play in keeping Yale data and systems safe?

In today's episode, we welcome back Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Jeremy Rosenberg. 

He reminds us that a simple action we can take is to report suspicious or unusual cyber activity right away - it's everyone's responsibility.

Listen to this episode to get the insider scoop on incident reporting from Jeremy. 

You'll learn:

▶️ The most common cyber threats at the university and the impact of AI
▶️ Why reporting unusual activity helps thwart bigger issues
▶️ Why we have to assume that incidents are urgent even when we're not sure
▶️ What happens when you report a phish using the button in Microsoft Outlook
▶️ What to say/do should you be involved in an incident

Plus our buzzword of the day - "malware"

And lots of other insights, information and inspiration to protect the confidentiality, availability and integrity of Yale data and systems.

Calls to Action:

Ready to build your cyber muscles, outsmart cybercriminals and hone your incident reporting skills?

Here are several simple actions you can take:

  • Read Jeremy's April message about the Bee SAFE, Not Sorry campaign and what you can do.
  • Review Yale's Report an Incident page about how to report suspicious behavior.
  • Register for Bee SAFE, Not Sorry events in April and May.
  • Complete our Bee SAFE, Not Sorry puzzle to build incident reporting awareness. Submit your answer by May 31 for the chance to win a prize pack.