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S2 E1 | Leadership Impersonation and Business Email Compromise


Are you familiar with Business Email Compromise (BEC) and the threat that it poses to the Yale community? 

BEC is a form of social engineering designed to trick victims into thinking they have received a legitimate email from an organization or institution.

A simple example is receiving an email that looks like it's coming from your boss, asking you to purchase gift cards.  (You should be suspect if that's not part of your typical job responsibilities.)

But with BEC, it's not coming from your boss, it's actually coming from a cybercriminal.

Sometimes thieves are so convincing that they can motivate us to take action - clicking on a link, revealing personal information or even going to Walmart to buy gift cards.

We want to help the Yale community steer clear of these cyber traps.

Listen to this episode and you'll learn:

  • Why universities like Yale are vulnerable to Business Email Compromise.
  • Why it's so important to be good stewards of Yale data.
  • How BEC works and how you can steer clear of it.
  • Our Information Security intern's story of impersonation.
  • How to respond to a suspicious email with the appropriate behavior.

Calls to Action:

Ready to build your cyber muscles?  Here are simple things you can do.