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S1 E7 | Take a deep dive into deepfakes with Kerry Tomlinson


Do you know what deepfakes are? If you don't, you should.

In the ever-evolving world of cybercrime, gaining an understanding of deepfakes is important. 

These slick images and videos purporting to look like the real thing can sneak up on us unknowingly. It's no stretch to imagine that cybercriminals use them to trick us. 

But when you're armed with the knowledge you can hone your deepfake recognition skills to avoid falling victim to their scams.

In this episode, we speak with Kerry Tomlinson, a cyber news reporter, and cybersecurity awareness advocate. She spills the beans on all things deepfake and how we can steer clear of these online traps.

Listen to this episode and you'll learn:

  • What a deepfake is and why you should care
  • How attackers are using deepfakes to trick us
  • How do spot a deepfake in an image or video
  • How Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to our advantage
  • How we should prepare for these attacks on a mental, emotional and intellectual level
  • Clickbait - our buzzword of the day!

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About Kerry:

Kerry Tomlinson is a cyber news reporter who works to help people stay smarter and safer online. She spent three decades as a TV news reporter, often going undercover to investigate crimes, winning multiple Emmys and other local, regional and national journalism awards. Now she travels the world looking for creative and compelling ways to show people what is happening in the digital world and how it impacts them. She has reported from Russia, the Philippines, Spain, Denmark, Turkey, Argentina, Colombia and more. She is a popular speaker and received the SANS 2021 Difference Maker award for her work in informing people about cybersecurity.

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