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S1 E3 | Meet Yale's Chief Information Security Officer, Jeremy Rosenberg


It's a fact: cybercriminals target everyone.  None of us are immune.

The more distracted, tired or stressed out we are - all the better for them to catch us off guard.

That's why we have to make cyber fitness a priority. 

Staying on our cyber toes is key to keeping our most important information safe and secure.

We talk at length about simple ways to boost your cyber fitness with Yale's Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Jeremy Rosenberg. And he spills the beans on how he fell victim to a cyber scam and what he gained from the experience.

In this lively interview you'll learn:

  • What Jeremy does to protect Yale's data and systems from cyber thieves
  • How people get tricked into giving up personal information
  • Why we're more vulnerable to cybercriminals than ever before
  • How cybercriminals are upping the bar on targeting us
  • Why it's so important to use unique passwords across different accounts
  • How Jeremy fell victim to a phishing scam and what his story can teach us
  • The key question every person should ask themselves to build cyber fitness

Lean in and listen to Jeremy's wisdom and insights. Plus find out how we became the standup comedian CISO.

Plus don't miss our buzzword of the day, the human factor, explained in a simple way.