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Winter 2023/24 Edition

Bee Active Hero: Man on laptop with data artwork overlay

Bee Active: Know where to put your data

Do you know the risk of the data you work with? Learn how Yale classifies risk and the two key actions to being good stewards of Yale's data and systems.

Bee Aware Hero: Blocks in the shape of a gauge

Bee Aware: A Year in Review and 2024 Top Risks

How does Yale stay ahead of cyber threats? Find out about the top risks we saw at Yale in 2023 and what the focus will be in 2024.

Bee in the Know Hero: Bee Cyber Fit bee logo with cape and Yale ISO logo

Bee in the Know: New Faces and a New Year, New You Challenge

Meet Yale's new Deputy CISO, John Coleman, find out about our upcoming 21-day challenge, and help us guide cybersecurity awareness programming with your feedback.

Bee Safe at Home Hero: Man on laptop holding credit card

Bee Safe at Home: Beat Online Shopping Fear and Boost Holiday Cheer

Build your cyber know-how to outsmart online thieves and steer clear of hoaxes this shopping season.

Bee Involved Hero: Paper calendar with push pins

Bee Involved: Chances to Build Your Cyber Muscle

Discover upcoming opportunities to be involved and keep building your cyber skills.

Bee a Winner Hero: Blocks spelling out "TRIVIA"

Bee a Winner: Test your skills with our cybersecurity trivia challenge!

Join your Yale colleagues in a friendly trivia competition for a chance to win exclusive cybersecurity awareness prize packs.