Reuse or Recycle a Device

Before repurposing or recycling devices, it is important to make sure that the data is securely deleted. Simply “erasing” or “deleting” files does not remove them from a storage device, it only tells the computer that the old data sectors can be overwritten. The old data remains in place, creating a major security risk for unauthorized access to the data. Please work with your local support provider to complete the appropriate process below for any data storage device. 

Secure Reuse

If the device is being used to store high risk data, there are specific requirements that must be met before the device is repurposed.  These standards vary based on whether the device was used in Yale’s covered entity. Please work with your local support provider for assistance following the corresponding standards below: 

Download the ITS Chain of Custody Form required for covered entity secure reuse.

Secure Recycling 

To securely dispose of a device, please follow the Yale Environmental Health and Safety process. This process is subject to any device used at Yale, despite data classification. Yale Environmental Health & Safety is now responsible for fully disposing of decommissioned Yale-owned electronic media and associated hardware. This includes using an electronics-recylcing vendor to securely destroy the computer’s hard drive.