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S3 E7 | Strategies for Device Defense & Cyber Resilience


Ever misplaced your phone and felt that momentary pulse of panic?

Listen in as we recount a cautionary tale of lost phones and the perils of unsecured devices, illustrating just how easily our personal and work data can be compromised. Wendy's harrowing experience at a shoe store losing her phone inside a boot serves as a powerful springboard into our discussion on the significance of device security.

In this episode, we're exploring a variety of strategies to keep your digital life safe. From the crucial updates that help keep our systems and software fortified against cyber threats to the simple, yet vital, practice of locking our computers when stepping away.

During this chat, we also navigate the intriguing and sometimes daunting world of the Internet of Things (IoT), examining its conveniences and the new frontiers it presents for cybersecurity.

Wrapping up, we invite you to engage in a lively round of device defense trivia. Put your knowledge to the test while reinforcing the importance of safeguarding our digital gateways.

Join us on the journey to strengthen our cyber fitness and protect our most valuable digital assets.


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