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S3 E4 | Mastering Cyber-Fitness with Proven Habit-Building Strategies


Kick off the new year with us as we launch our 'New Year, New You' campaign, tailored to infuse cyber safety into your daily habits.

We're excited to share our lineup of engaging activities to bolster the Yale community's cybersecurity awareness. We've got your back from the highly anticipated 21-Day Cyber Habit Challenge to our practical workshops and self-paced activities.

We've also drawn inspiration from two bestselling books about habits -  BJ Fogg's "Tiny Habits" and James Clear's "Atomic Habits". Our goal is to help you build and maintain cyber-safe practices both at Yale and in your personal life. Listen in as we unravel the struggles of sticking to New Year's resolutions - usually too lofty and unrealistic -  and the nuances of realistic habit formation.

As your Bee Cyber Fit podcast hosts, we bring our personal stories to the table, discussing how even simple tools like a timed water bottle or calendar reminders can become powerful prompts in habit building.

We also touch upon the crucial topic of ransomware, breaking down its mechanics, and the peril of succumbing to cybercriminals' demands. Tune in for actionable steps to keep your digital life secure, including the importance of backups, system updates, and the power of cautious clicking.

Our conversation wraps up with a reflection on how anchoring new cybersecurity habits to existing routines can lead to a more secure and fulfilling year ahead. Join us for this informative session that promises to enlighten and empower you in the cyber realm.


Calls to Action:

Ready to join us and build your cyber muscles?

Here are three simple actions you can take:

  • Sign up for the 21-Day Cyber Habit Challenge. It starts February 1 but the Yale community can register at any time during the month.
  • Weigh in with your feedback - complete our annual cybersecurity awareness survey. Your opinion matters and your insights will help shape our cybersecurity awareness program in 2024 and beyond.
  • Compete in our cybersecurity awareness trivia challenge