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S3 E2 | 3 Ways to Use Mindfulness to "Click with Caution" and Combat Cybercrime


It can feel like a losing battle - cybercriminals constantly up their online tricks to convince us to give away confidential information.

Don't be fooled by their fake emails, text messages, and phone calls.

Join your hosts, James and Wendy, for an engaging conversation about how the Yale community can up their cyber know-how and keep our campus community safe.

Here's a preview of what you'll hear in this episode:

  • Why mindfulness is a powerful strategy to combat phishing attempts
  • How Yale's Click with Caution - Recognize, Relax, Rethink campaign provides a simple and effective approach to outsmart online thieves
  • An eye-opening story about the impact of clicking on a malicious link. Learn about what happened at Baruch College when someone unknowingly loaded malware on their system a few months ago. Hint: it's bigger than you may imagine
  • Our Buzzword of the Day - Social Engineering

Listen and apply these techniques at Yale (and beyond) to stay safe online.