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S3 E1 | How Yale is Celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month


Do you know that it's the 20th anniversary of Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

It's the perfect time to kick off Season 3 of the Bee Cyber Fit podcast.

Join your hosts, James and Wendy, for an engaging conversation about how the Yale community can "Bee a Yale Cyber Hero" in October.

Here's a sampling of what you'll hear:

  • The history behind Cybersecurity Awareness Month and how it's evolved from a national event into an international movement.
  • How Yale University is celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month and amplifying key messages about online safety.
  • An overview of our weekly themes
    • Save the day by reporting suspicious activity
    • Defend Yale's resources by knowing your risk
    • Defeat online thieves with robust passwords
    • Combat cybercrime by protecting your email
  • How you can Bee a Yale Cyber Hero and up your cyber know-how.
  • Our buzzword of the day: cookies

And lots of information to help you keep Yale data and systems safe!


Calls to Action

Ready to join us for Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Bee a Yale Cyber Hero?

Here are three simple actions you can take to learn more.

  • Visit our Cybersecurity Awareness Month webpage for our weekly themes, puzzles, events, and posters.
  • Register for one or more events and build your cyber powers with your fellow Yalies!
  • Share this episode with a fellow student or colleague interested in building their cyber skills.