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S2 E2 | Steer Clear of IRS Tax Scams


Did you know that tax-related identity theft has increased by 45% since 2020?

Scammers have lots of tricks up their sleeves to fool you. By building your cyber awareness, you can steer clear of cyberscams. 

This tax season, be alert to unsolicited emails, phone calls, or text messages claiming to be from the IRS. Cybercriminals are seeking personal information to use against you.

There are several current scams that appear to be from the government. One example is a bogus IRS official claiming that you owe back taxes. A newer example is a fake Biden administration program that claims to provide tax forgiveness for a fee.

Listen to this episode and you'll learn about:

  • An eye-opening story about a tax scam
  • Top scam lines cybercriminals may try to use against you
  • Tax scam red flags to avoid
  • How to steer clear of spear phishing (our Buzzword of the day)
  • Simple actions you can take to stay safe during tax season

Don't let cybercriminals trick you and steal your money or identity. This episode will help you build behaviors to stay safe online.


Calls to Action:

Ready to build your cyber muscles and outsmart cybercriminals?

Here are 3 simple things you can do:

  • Read the March awareness tip, "Protect your identity during tax season".
  • Sign up to get an Identity Protection Personal Identification Number or IP-PIN. It’s an extra layer of protection, like two-factor authentication, and you can use it alongside your social security number when filing your taxes.
  • Share this episode with a colleague, friend, or family member to help them stay safe during tax season too.

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