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S1 E1 | Introducing the Bee Cyber Fit Podcast: Simplifying cybersecurity for everyone


Welcome to the Bee Cyber Fit podcast!

Your hosts are Wendy and James, cybersecurity awareness experts at Yale University.

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed or confused by the volume of information about cybersecurity?

Not always sure how a cyber incident may apply to you or what to do?

In this fun and engaging podcast, we discuss simple ways you can build your cyber fitness, one small but impactful action at a time.

Our goal is to make cybersecurity information more accessible and easy to understand. The kind of information you can also share with your kids, friends, parents, or grandparents. 

Imagine cybersecurity simplified for the average person online, not a technical whiz.

Here's what's in store in this episode:

  • Get to know your hosts, Wendy and James, aka "cyber-translators"
  • Learn what makes this podcast different from other cybersecurity podcasts
  • Discover why sharing stories is so important to building our cyber fitness
  • Does age make a difference in cybersecurity habits and online safety?
  • Listen to the buzzword of the day, phishing, and why we have to be so careful online

Thank you for listening! Remember, it only takes simple steps to be cyber fit!