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Bee in the Know: Build your cyber muscles this spring

Bee in the Know Hero: Padlock on spring blooming tree

Beware fake login screens

It’s important to be cautious of where you enter your credentials. Cybercriminals use phishing and social engineering to trick us with fake login screens. This can include fraudulent versions of Yale’s Central Authentication System (CAS) page and email login screens.

Use these two helpful tips to avoid entering your credentials on fraudulent pages.

  • Check the URL before entering your information into a login screen. Visit our Click with Caution page to review some common URLs used at Yale.
  • Don’t enter your NetID or password via unexpected links or web pages. Trust your gut, and don’t supply the requested details. Be sure to report any email asking for this information.


Be on the lookout for deepfakes

Do you know what deepfakes are? Or that they’re becoming increasingly common?

Deepfakes use artificial intelligence (AI) to mimic another person’s appearance and voice in real-time. They create hyper-realistic, convincing simulations of people claiming to be someone they are not.

Look out for these red flags to help spot deepfakes:

  • Unusual phone calls or videos appearing to come from trusted colleagues or senior executives leading to a financial transaction request.
  • Unexpected requests to make a purchase, transfer funds, or update accounts payable information.
  • A sense of urgency or secrecy in the request.

Read more in our March Cybersecurity Awareness tip, You can’t always trust what you see.

Upcoming holidays for building your cyber muscles

Identity Management Day (April 9)

According to the Identity Defined Security Alliance, compromised identities are one of the most common causes of account takeover. Securing our digital identities remains one of the most urgent tasks facing our digital ecosystem.

Boost your awareness and empower yourself to protect your digital identity by visiting the Identity Defined Security Alliance!

World Password Day (May 2)

World Password Day serves as a reminder to review and strengthen our password practices. The day highlights the significance of using unique and complex passwords for each online account. It also reminds us to regularly update passwords, enable MFA, and adopt password management tools.

Check out our Use Secure Passwords page and Yale’s guidance for secure passwords to get started!