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Spring 2023 Edition

Bee Active Hero: Woman looking questioningly at laptop

Bee Active: Report suspicious activity

Suspected security incidents must be immediately reported to the Information Security Office (ISO), especially if you work with HIPAA-covered data.

Bee Aware Hero: "IRS Tax Scam" written on a notepad

Bee Aware: Steer clear of IRS tax scams

This tax season, be alert to phishing and social engineering scams via unsolicited emails, phone calls, or text messages.

Bee Safe at Home Hero: Cleaning supplies in a bucket

Bee Safe at Home: Spring clean your way to online safety

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your online habits and clean up your digital workspace.

Bee in the Know Hero: "Got MSS?"

Bee in the Know: Yale's streamlined MSS

The Information Security Office has reorganized Yale's Minimum Security Standards (MSS) for consolidation and comprehension.

Bee Involved Hero: Five people expressing excitement

Bee Involved: Chances to build your cyber muscle

Discover upcoming opportunities to be involved and keep building your cyber skills.

Bee a Winner: Woman with fingers crossed in hopeful excitement

Bee a Winner: Solve our puzzle to win!

Test your skills and solve our cybersecurity awareness puzzle.