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This image shows someone who is worried because their computer is infected with a virus or malware.

Protect Your Device from Malware


Action required - Security vulnerability for Apple devices

This information only applies to Apple devices.

Immediate action required: Please run all available updates on all Apple devices as soon as possible. All Yale ITS-managed computers running the Apple macOS operating system will be updated automatically. 

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Protect Your Device from Malware

Malware is an intrusive form of software that can wreak havoc on your computer system.


Why worry about malware? Malware is an intrusive form of software that can wreak havoc on your computer system. A virus is a type of malware that inserts its malicious code into the software you use.

Without your knowledge different types of malware can:

  • Steal your passwords
  • Install malicious software
  • Delete, copy, or change your data
  • Attack other computers
  • Hold your data hostage and demand a ransom to retrieve it

Antivirus protects your computer from malware

To keep you safe, Yale requires your Windows or Mac computer to run antivirus (AV) software. Antivirus must be running before connecting to the Yale network. This includes our wired, wireless, and VPN networks. AV software will help protect your computer from viruses and malware. 

Protect yourself, your team, and Yale

If you have an ITS managed Windows or Mac computer we take care of this for you—there is no need to worry.

If you have a non-ITS managed or personal device, it's important to protect yourself with the latest antivirus software.

Recommended antivirus (AV) solution for all modern Windows OS:

You MAY use Microsoft Safety Scanner (one time use) to scan a device without an AV solution or scan a Windows computer with an AV solution. This is not a permanent solution or replacement for an AV.

Antivirus (AV) solutions for older devices that cannot use Windows Defender:

Free Mac antivirus solutions


Report Suspicious Behavior

If you notice any suspicious, abnormal behavior on your device, report it. It could be a sign your device is infected. Learn how to spot suspicious behavior on your device and how to report it right away. This information lives on our Report an Incident page.

Spot Suspicious Activity