If a vendor is providing services or gaining access to Yale data or technology, Yale ITS will run them through the Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) Process.

Yale is highly dependent on technology to support the University’s mission. It is critical that all users of Yale technology know their role in using, managing and protecting it. Yale determines how a technology needs to be protected through cyber risk classification.

Yale has created a Data Classification Policy that divides Yale Data into three types, depending on their importance, sensitivity, and potential for misuse.

What is a spam message? 

Spam mail, also known as junk mail, is unsolicited email messages sent in bulk. Spam/junk mail is often commercial in nature. 

Visit this page for what to do if you have, had data stolen, lost data, had a device containing Yale data that was lost or stolen, or believe that an individual has broken into your computer, 

Assignment of a NetID to a user occurs when a record is opened for an individual in the University’s HR database. After an overnight processing cycle, the NetID becomes available for activation and use after the User Accounts office assigns a PIN.

Visit this page to submit a Security Design Review or Risk Assessment request. 

This page explains how to securely repurpose or recycle a previously-owned device. 

In conjunction with your YaleConnect Office 365 account, email encryption provides an additional layer of security when members of the Yale community send email using YaleConnect Office 365.

This page explains how to submit a policy exception request to the Information Security, Policy and Compliance team. 

With today’s technologies, connecting to Yale resources while traveling has never been easier. However, public wireless networks are major targets for cyber crime. Below is a list of security best practices for before you travel, while you travel, and when you return. 

Reference this page for instructions and frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Yale’s Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Service.