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MSS Roadshow

Got MSS?

No matter your job in ITS, we all have a role in keeping our data and IT Systems safe. The MSS Roadshow introduces the Minimum Security Standards (MSS). This covers what they are, why they are important, and how they apply to you.

The MSS identify requirements needed to build and maintain secure IT Systems at Yale. Depending on your job, you may have a lot of interaction with the MSS, or not much at all.

Either way, there’s important information for you to learn. We’re excited to share it with you in a fun and engaging way. Below are details on our MSS Roadshow.

MSS Roadshow overview

For a helpful reference on this information, download our MSS Roadshow Overview PDF. Or, continue reading below.

What is the MSS Roadshow?

The MSS Roadshow is a 3-part curriculum for Central ITS staff. Below is an overview of each of the courses:

MSS 101: Building the Foundation

MSS 101 introduces the MSS and builds your security knowledge.

  • What are the MSS?
  • Why are they important?
  • How do they apply to me?

MSS101 overview

After you’ve taken the class, reference our MSS101 Key Slides to review key takeaways from the course.

MSS 101 is required for everyone in Information Technology Services (ITS). This includes:

  • ITS Staff
  • Casuals
  • Contractors

MSS 201: Classifying Yale Data & IT Systems

MSS 201 teaches you how to classify Yale data and IT Systems.

  • Why is risk classification important?
  • How does it apply to me

After you've taken the class, reference our MSS201 Key Slides to review key takeaways from the course.

MSS 201 is required for:

  • Service Owners
  • Service Offering Managers
  • DSPs
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts

MSS 301: Understanding the MSS

MSS 301 helps you interpret the MSS and how they apply to your work: How do I interpret the MSS to apply them to the IT Systems I support?

MSS 301 is required for:

  • System Support Providers
  • System Decision Makers

How do I register?

Registration for all three courses is through Yale’s Training Management System (TMS). Register for any course via TMS (requires VPN connection). MSS 101 is currently open for registration. MSS 201 and MSS 301 will be available for registration at a later date. The MSS Roadshow will be delivered virtually. All classes are 90 minutes.

leadership team wearing MSS logo

Congrats to our “Got MSS?” swag winners

These individuals were randomly selected from the first 100 staff members who registered for MSS 101.

  • Michael Dinice
  • John Eberhart
  • Kara Franco
  • Eric Grenier
  • Michael Gossett
  • Robert Guanieri
  • Dan Holland
  • Debra Houle
  • Jason Ignatius
  • Amy Keach
  • Timothy Melly
  • Debbie Michelson
  • Christina Molina
  • Christine Mongillo
  • Pete Monroy
  • Richard Morris
  • Rob Rocke
  • Elizabeth Roy
  • Tod Sanderson
  • Kathy Swanson
  • Jaime Tryon
  • Thomas Undercuffler
  • Michael Vaughn
  • Claudia Villano
  • Mark Wogahn

September Got MSS? swag winners

  • Courtney Adelberg
  • Roger Desravines
  • Heidi Glasgow
  • Kameryn Larkins
  • Taber Lightfoot
  • Noah Lohman
  • Joanne Luce
  • Adam Manny
  • Ilene Omerso
  • Zac Putnam

October Got MSS? swag winners

  • Conrad Balagtas
  • Greg Buckless 
  • Darrell Cook 
  • Derek Cyr
  • Kevin Erickson 
  • David Hazall-Farrell
  • Francis Garcia
  • Aaron Greene 
  • Mark Lazarus 
  • Lucy Lin
  • Michelle Morgan
  • Vidhya Narayanan
  • Michael Panzo
  • Julie Ramaccia
  • Pasquale Scirocco 
  • Stephanie Scungio
  • Alan Scrimenti
  • Robert Sessions
  • Stephane Skibo
  • Elvin Torres

November Got MSS? swag winners

  • Glenn Hasiotis 
  • James Hackett
  • Chi Nguyen 
  • Devi Persaud 
  • Javaid Siddiqui 
  • Caitlin Thompson 
  • James Tucciarone III 
  • Maureen Velazquez 
  • Robert Wolfe 
  • David Woyciesjes 

December Got MSS? swag winners

  • John Aiken
  • Shawn Brooks
  • Arun Darwar
  • Kraig Eisenman
  • Brian Funaro
  • Tenyo Grozev
  • Tim Hinckley
  • Assad Layne
  • Mike Macary
  • Walter Szpakowski

January Got MSS? swag winners

  • Hadar Call
  • Harshal Dixit 
  • Camden Fisher
  • Will Henry
  • Renee Randall
  • Luis Ribeiro
  • Kristian Rivera-Santiago
  • Jesse Salce
  • Courtland Stretton 
  • Jeff Watson

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will each course be introduced?

MSS 101 starts on September 15th. MSS 201 is slated to start in October, once a significant number of staff have completed MSS 101. MSS 301 will follow a similar rhythm, likely in November.

Are all courses required?

MSS 101 is required for all ITS staff. You will learn about your role in MSS 101. Attendance at MSS 201 and MSS 301 depends on your role and will vary. If you are unsure if you need to attend to a specific course, please talk to your manager.

Do I have the option to attend all three classes?

Yes, you are welcome to enroll in MSS 201 and MSS 301, even if they are not required for your role.

Will I learn how the MSS apply to my IT System?

MSS 301 will help you to interpret the MSS so that they can be applied to the IT System(s) you support. As the subject matter expert, you ca determine how to best apply the standards to your IT System. Guidance will be provided.

Is this available to IT Partners?

Currently, MSS101 is open only to ITS staff. The course will be available for our IT partners at a later date.

Need help?

For all other questions, send us an email.